A musical prodigy and prolific composer, 28-year-old Adam Violaris has amassed an extraordinary and remarkable body of work and music catalogue of over ‘five-thousand’ compositions and recordings. This is since Adam first began composing music at the age of fourteen after learning to play the piano from the age of three; later taking up the violin, viola and guitar. A naturally gifted, fluent and versatile composer, musician and performer who composes at incredible speed, Adam has written music in every Western musical style, as well as in many ethnic styles. This includes early-music, baroque, classical, romantic, neo-classical, modernist, ragtime, jazz, operatic, musical comedy, folk and pop (words and music). Adam has also composed music for the stage, the world of advertising (jingles) and film& television. A song Adam produced at sixteen was used as a ‘temp-track’ for the soundtrack of the Hollywood film, ‘My Life In Ruins’ (produced by Tom Hanks).